Friday, 25 May 2012

Scramblies.apk free

Meet the Scramblies! ...the most eggcellent new game from Full Fat.
*Please note this is the same game as Coin Drop! Do not download again if you’ve already purchased. Less Coins! More Eggs! More FUN!

Bad Eggs have invaded the colorful world of Scramblies and only you can save the day!
Bounce your way through 75 levels to catch the Bad Eggs and score high!
Every touch of your screen will send Scramblies raining down on the baddies, with pins to hit, Scramblettes to rescue,obstacles to demolish and puzzles to solve.

★ Drop, Spin, Smash, Bounce, Demolish and catch the Baddies!
★ 75 fun packed levels!
★ Puzzles, Portals, Lasers, Magnets, Stars, Pins and much, much more!
★ Choose your favorite character from 35 crazy Scramblies.
★ Awesome audio, catchy soundtrack and beautiful physics.

Aamir Lehri

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